Is your main market located in Europe?
New Ways Indastry LP
How to start producing your own goods in Europe?

Do you want to sell goods but do not have your own production force in Europe?
Our company specializes in the search for an existing production / productive process in European countries. As well as we organize and successfully launch new production forces and processes.
Why is it important to have production facilities in the country of sale?
Own production is profitable, above all. You are not dependent on supplier prices. All pricing policy is set by you and only you.
  • Fast shipping
    Your success on the market directly depends on the speed of delivery.
    You don't need to wait a month for a parcel from China. Your client will receive his/her order as soon as possible, and you will get a client loyal to your brand.
  • Loyalty promotional services
    Google and other advertising "sharks", first of all, provide the most loyal pricing policies for advertisers with short delivery terms
  • Customer loyalty
    Loyalty and trust of the client to the product and the brand is maximally high if the product is produced in "tangible" proximity.
  • Competitive advantage
    Own production is an opportunity to stand out and defeat a competitor through service and additional services. Own production is an opportunity to offer a product that no one else has!
Why us?
Today we already have a pool of successfully implemented projects in Europe.
    Stylish play furniture for pet owners. Wooden pet furniture, made with love.
  • Wowhelperco
    Carefully designed and detailed handmade pet products. Unique gifts for cat lovers.
What do we offer?
We offer a wide range of services in organizing the production process from scratch.
Consulting and dispute
We offer to consult services to organize properly all technological production processes for your brand/company.
  • We help to buy / rent equipment
  • We select and train personnel
  • We select suppliers and establish an uninterrupted supply of raw materials
Planning and budgeting of production processes
Our team of highly qualified specialists will help you calculate, organize and launch the production of your goods in Europe.
We will help to launch both our own production and organize the possibility of manufacturing your goods at existing / operating sites.
Full legal and accounting business support
Help of a qualified lawyer and accountant at all stages.
  • We study the legislation and efficiently organize all legal processes
  • We issue a contract for the purchase / lease of land for the location of production
  • We provide assistance in product certification
  • We issue documents for obtaining a brand
  • We register the activity of a legal entity
We organize effective integrated marketing
  • We help in building an effective marketing strategy
  • We thoroughly study, conduct market research and competitors
  • We prepare a unique selling proposition
  • We assist in the selection of qualified personnel in the field of marketing
How it works
You leave us an application for the selection of production, or the creation of a production of snood
Indicate in the application the industry and a short description of the goods
Our manager will contact you asap
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